Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Monday, April 05, 2010

we are busy people

since my last post we have spent a week in florida with my parents, had lots of people over to our house, planted a little garden, bought a new tv, done lots of cleaning & yard work, had a broken water pipe, got the stomach flu again (yes, I know it's not really the flu), watched lots of basketball, and celebrated friends' birthdays & new jobs, wedding anniversaries (ours & my inlaws), and Easter.

I will do my best to highlight all of these events as quickly as possible.

An entire post on florida will be created once I get all the pictures transferred to my computer.

I do not have any pictures of our broken water pipe. are you disappointed? fortunately there really wasn't anything worthy of which to take a picture. it turned out to be a busted frozen pipe leading out to our outside spigot. it wasn't covered by our home warranty, but we were glad it was an easy fix and there was no damage to the house.

There are also no pictures from my second round of the stomach virus. I know you're not disappointed this time. just like a couple months ago, it was mostly a 24 hour situation. I had wanted to lose a couple pounds right before our florida trip, but this was not how I had planned to do so.

here is our little garden. the contents consist of tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, and several kinds of peppers.

as far as yardwork, bobby has been planting more grass and I've purchased some flowers, but haven't planted them yet. we are also working on ripping out all the shrubs in front of our house. the ones that are here are way too big and ugly. today I worked on the side of our house. there were a bunch of bricks that at one time made a nice flower bed, I believe, but it looked awful. so I pulled them all out, along with the leaves and weeds, and leveled the ground. bobby planted some grass seed and I will put a big pot of flowers in the front soon. look better?



Friday I checked our bank account and saw that our federal tax money had been deposited, so we ran to Sam's and bought a new tv. This wasn't a complete impulse buy. we have wanted one ever since we moved here and we decided to wait til we got that big refund. in the meantime, I had done tons of research. We walked into the store and one hour later left with a much better tv than we had planned on buying for a couple hundred dollars less than we planned on paying. and we love it! (no, we did not steal it.) Here's a picture of our old set-up next to the new one. Can you say "upgrade?"

This weekend was a very momentous one - not just because of the broken water pipe or the new tv, but we celebrated Bobby's parent's 34th wedding anniversary and the death & resurrection of Jesus. We began Friday with an AWESOME hymn sing / good friday service coordinated by Doug Serven, the RUF campus pastor at OU. and then Sunday, we had a nice service at church (singing Joy to the World!) followed by dinner at our house. my sister in law, mindy, & her husband were also here.

bobby and I in our Easter outfits. I planned mine for weeks, and when he threw on a navy suit that did not match my black outfit, I was not pleased.

but I got over it quickly and grabbed paisley because she matched me. :)

another funny story about these pictures - I had washed my hair the night before and sunday morning, I wanted to do something a little more special so I put it in hot rollers, then curled pieces all over. this picture was taken 15 minutes later. do you see all the lovely curls?!?!?!?! ugh.

happy anniversary to these two:

bobby and caleb playing wii baseball:

ok, I've got to go now, the men's ncaa basketball championship game is about to start! I have been a duke fan since elementary school, and they are in the finals. this past saturday night, they played *and defeated* west virginia. I was a bit torn, since we just spent the past two years there while bobby got his MA, as you can see in this picture:

but duke won and now I am so excited to be cheering them on tonight! go BLUE DEVILS!!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

a day in the life of ME

for all the inquiring minds out there who wonder what in the world I do all day, here it is.

first, a little background info...

ever since bobby and I got married, my life has been anything but routine or ordinary. I figure most people get up and go to the same job everyday of their life. that's what most people I knew growing up did. that's what I did shortly after graduating from college. I had a pretty great job (at the beginning) just north of pittsburgh and I figured I would do that everyday til I started having kids, then maybe even after that with the help of daycare, or whatever. and I would marry someone that did that also. maybe we could even carpool. haha. but my "prince charming" wasn't in pittsburgh, he was in oklahoma. but he did have the 9 to 5 job. so would we get married and both work 9 to 5 jobs together? nope. we moved to st louis for him to go to seminary. for four years bobby worked at the same job, but it was ups, so the hours changed a few times, and classes filled his off hours. and as for me, I was never able to find that stable 9 to 5 job for very long... I worked as a nanny/personal assistant, an admin, sort of a project manager, and then a travel agent/sales consultant... the goal was to make money to pay rent & bills while bobby worked to pay for seminary. our life was not ordinary.

then he graduated seminary and entered another masters program and we moved to a farm in a very rural county in southwest pennsylvania. sound ordinary to you? definately not. bobby was enrolled full-time and then had an assistant-ship as an academic advisor which paid for tuition. we were able to live rent-free so my need to work wasn't imminent. plus, there were a lot of animals/pets on this farm so I helped out when I could. (if you've read my blog for awhile you have seen lots of pictures of said animals that we miss so dearly!) it seemed like a pretty good setup for awhile. then the need arose for some additional income (aka doctor bills) so I took a job at our church. oh yeah, I forgot to mention that bobby was also the assistant pastor at our church and in charge of the youth group. soon we were both working at the same place, and once a dweek we carpooled to work! my dream came true. ha.

fast-forward to august 2009, our time in pennsylvania came to an end and we moved to oklahoma where bobby accepted the call (sounds better than "took a job") to be assistant pastor at our church / church planter apprentice. once again, I was upheaved from my job, familiar surroundings, people I knew, etc. what to do now?

here's where I finally get to the point of this post!

as many of you know, the only job I want right now is to be a SAHM. since that hasn't happened yet, I struggle daily with "my calling." I really do love the flexibility & freedom of not having a full-time job, which is really great when your husband is a pastor and has very erratic working hours. it's also great when you move to a new city because I can take time to explore the area, establish roots (whatever that means), hang out with & get to know people, and mostly set up our house because this is the first time we've ever owned our own home. so, what does my typical day look like? lately, I have been getting up around 730, make coffee, and bobby & I catch up on our social media outlets, read the news, blogs, devotions. then he goes to work and I finish my coffee & reading. (drinking coffee is a new thing to me, so I'm really enjoying it) then typically I clean the kitchen & bathrooms, workout in some capacity, shower, talk to my mom on her lunch break, then decide how to best utilize my afternoon hours. I've been trying to do a lot of home projects, so I usually have HGTV on while I'm cleaning out & organizing closets and/or the garage, painting trim or furniture, of course I spend lots of quality time with my furry friends, decorating/redecorating rooms, writing & rewriting my to-do list (which is always a mile long), bills, errands, grocery shopping, laundry, and before I know it, bobby is home from the office and it's dinnertime. (I'm also newly involved in a bible study which meets weds mornings.) I realize that what I do during the day, most people accomplish in the morning before they go to work or in the evenings, but our evenings usually do not allow for such things. and we keep a pretty late schedule so I would not be getting up any earlier to do them either. (I know... I would if I had to...) most wednesday nights we go to OURUF which doesn't end until 11 pm. that's just one of the community events that bobby likes to participate in. he really loves being with people all the time (a new development) so we have people over to our house all the time (which is great) but that proves that I need to spend a huge chunk of my day cleaning (and bobby is really messy. ha!)

this is quite a timely post because last night at small group (which bobby leads, here at our house) we talked about work & callings, specifically what proverbs has to say about the subject. I feel convicted when I read about the the diligent vs the sluggard/slothful. because frankly, somedays I'm not very productive and I fear that God (and bobby) will judge me because I'm not working full-time, outside the home, and I also feel guilty for not providing financially for us and our future. So this is definately a struggle for me. I want to be the "do-everything proverbs 31 lady" but I don't know how. I want to make some extra money, but I don't want a job to ruin our current lifestyle. Plus, I don't even know what I would do. Do I just work & do whatever, like I did the past 6 years, or do I try to pursue a career? I want to have a baby, but unfortunately for us, that takes a lot of money. How about all those catch 22's?

I have more thoughts on this subject... maybe I'll do a part 2 someday.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

house stuff - extreme & not so extreme

One of these days I will get back to (almost) daily blogging, but for now, I'm still doing catch-up. or is it catsup? nope, it's definately ketchup.

My parents got to come back - their third visit since we moved here at the end of august. they're troopers, I tell ya. Everyone asks why they keep coming here instead of me/us going there to visit. The first & main reason is because we just moved from pennsylvania, and oklahoma is still new to us (me) and we're still sorta getting settled, and my parents want to see our house. (I lived in their house for 18 or 22 years, depending on whether you count my college years or not.) So I know what it looks like. haha. And they've been helping us with projects everytime they come. More on that in a minute. But the second reason is that the weather is better here right now. We got the snow I wanted, so I don't have to go to PA and see the 42 inches there. I will want to get out of oklahoma and be in the northeast from may until september. So why leave now?

Bobby had to go to Dallas for a couple days so my parents and I mostly hung out here at the house, watched some tv shows I had dvr'd for them, and played wii winter olympics. Then on Saturday I suggested we drive about 30 miles south of norman to see where Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was building a house for a family. The weather was quite chilly, and you guessed it, windy. And the process took a lot longer than we expected. The road where the house was being built was closed to traffic, so we had to go to a nearby school and take a bus over. Then we were dropped off and didn't know when/if they were coming back for us. (and we had forgotten to eat lunch.) But we weren't alone. We were surrounded by hundreds of "volunteers" who were working on the house, a bunch of press people, tons of real workers, and a few celebrities. My goal of the day was not only to see the house & the entire production, but I really wanted to see Ty & Jillian from the Bachelor/ette. (she was there because she is an interior designer.) The whole town was such a buzz all week because they were spotted all over. Most of them stayed in Norman hotels, (right by my house!!) but I reserved my inner crazy stalker and didn't pursue it that far. Ideal Homes OK were the official builders of the house. I mostly kept up with the progress & happenings on their twitter site : here.

my parents in front of the house

my dad & I in front of the house

The house was one day away from being completed. The day after we were there, they were did the big reveal.

the endless line of vehicles - workers & production people - the line stretched further than I could see on this straight rural road. crazy!

well... I didn't get to see ty or jillian, which is fine, except, they were there, on the property, within feet of me, but I kept missing them. I'd walk away and they'd come out of the house. I'd come back and they would be gone again. I literally kept missing them by seconds. oh well. I did have one celebrity encounter that will make my husband jealous for years and years. It was Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips. I actually called out his name and he walked over to where I was, introduced himself, and threw his arms around me for a picture. what a funny guy. hope he wasn't high. (I totally just said that because it rhymed!)

This is the most horriblest picture of me because the lady who took it for me (not my mom) zoomed WAY in, even though I asked her not to, and I was laughing because I was not expecting him to practically hug me in the picture. (he was laughing too.)

The show will air on March 14th on ABC. be sure to watch it!

So that was the extreme house stuff. The non-extreme house stuff involved our house. Super dad installed our new ceiling fan, which looks so awesome. And he also installed trim around our two bathroom mirrors. They were just big plain mirrors, and every home show I've watched, they always say that without trim, they just look unfinished, which is true. Now they look lovely and finished. Right now the trim is white and looks great. I may paint the trim in the master bath black if I pursue my goal of transforming the room into this, my inspiration.

oh yeah, I almost forgot about the super bowl! we had a private little party of just the four of us here to watch it. not nearly as exciting as last year when the steelers won, but still a good game. I was rooting for the colts, but wasn't too upset when they lost. I was more concerned about the cookies anyway.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fastest recap ever

I am going to attempt to recap christmas, new years, & two blizzards in one little post. here goes!

December 24, 2009 - a blizzard comes sweeping into Oklahoma. Winds were gusting near 50 mph and snow was flying everywhere. I never saw snow fly in so many directions. It was hard to measure the amount of snowfall because of this. We had 2 inches in some places, and 15 in others. It came so fast, no one knew what hit us. For the first time ever, I witnessed how a little bit of snow can cripple a city, no, a STATE. within a few hours, every highway, school, church, business, you name it, was closed. (and remained closed for several days) People who had been out on the roads, just abandoned their cars and walked to safety. We were watching a map online of people that were stranded, and were about to walk over to the highway to bring people back to our warm house, but a church nearby opened up as a shelter, so we weren't needed. We were supposed to have christmas eve celebrations at bobby's grandma's house, but it was cancelled, so we stayed home. Here are some pictures from that crazy fun day:

here comes the snow! it was a pure white out... this pic of the street in front of our house was taken in late morning.

ready to go out & play! so glad we brought some snow gear with us to oklahoma. too bad I gave my snow shovel to my parents...

this picture best captures how much snow accumulated in a drift in our backyard

Next day... Christmas! We had a fun little celebration planned at our house for bobby's immediate family, and we were so excited. We made a bunch of brunchy food - whole wheat banana nut waffles, monkey bread, bacon, cookies, and more. mmmm! Now keep in mind that the winter storm the day before ended as quickly as it began, so by christmas morning, it had not been snowing for about 12 hours. but no one had been out to clear the roads. I know, crazy, right?!?! So we feared that our christmas would be cancelled. however, since bobby's family has a truck, they thought they could make it. yippee! and they did, just four hours late... so our 10 am brunch began at 2pm. and they (my mother & father in law and sister & brother in law) left a little before 4 so they could get home before dark. we were all supposed to go to bobby's aunt's house for the extended family get-together, but you guessed it... cancelled! ugh. nothing would ever cancel christmas in pennsylvania!! but we made the best of it... enjoyed our little time with family, then spent the rest of the night playing mario & sonic at the winter olympic games on wii.

waiting for our guests to arrive...

bobby's sister, mindy, & her husband, caleb

bobby & his parents

fast forward one week to new years. I have no pictures from nye or nyd. in fact, I can't remember what we did except go to a fun little party with some folks from church on nye. the weather was super cold and there was still snow on the ground (and roads) from the christmas eve snowfall.

enter 2010 and another snow storm! wooo hoooo! once again, on a thursday, the weathermen across the state threw fear into our heads that the world was coming to an end again because it was going to snow. omg, snow! in january!?! ha. so the day began with the dreaded winter mix - rain, sleet, then snow arrived, and it actually came down straight this time. no wind! it was awesome. and it just kept coming. we ended up with a really thick one inch of ice and then about 7 inches of snow on top of that. it was so pretty. we built a snowman. we went to walmart the next day. schools were cancelled for 4 days. church was also cancelled. but darnit, the movie theaters and cracker barrel were packed!

I took my kitty, paisley, out for a walk. normally she begs to go out, but she forgot that she is from pennsylvania, and now hates the snow. she is yelling at me in this picture.

our sooner snowman!

so that's the end of my recap. I'm so happy it's over now so I can move on and catch up to real-time events. hope you enjoyed! :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

skipping christmas?

It is so far past christmas, that I am tempted to not do a recap at all, but two reasons keep me thinking about it... one: it was our first christmas in norman, which is a good enough reason to document it, but also because we had a blizzard on christmas eve! I can't risk not remembering that. haha. and second: our christmas decorations are still up in our house, so the season is still alive on swan hollow drive.

so that's it for now... not an actual christmas recap post, but one that talks about a christmas recap.

today we are headed to OKC for the home & garden show. we've gone to several of these over the past couple years, but when vendors tried to offer their services, we always replied, "not interested. we're just renters." but now we are the real deal - homeowners! and i'm eager to hear about ways to improve our house. and there is going to be an HGTV designer there!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - b"ash"ful bunny

Monday, December 21, 2009

It's December 21st...

...and I am outside raking leaves, wearing a t-shirt and sunglasses. And I'm warm! In fact, I went outside just to get warm! It is warmer outside than inside my house today. On the winter solstice! Something is wrong with the fact that I am raking leaves instead of shoveling snow. This is just not right. It's crazy. But I'm not sayin' it's global warming... so don't you put those words in my mouth (or on my blog.)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Born a child yet a King

This advent season has been a very rich one for me. I've learned a lot from my husband's teaching in the small group we attend, the advent program he was in charge of a couple weeks ago, and during his sermons on sunday morning. He has been filling in for our senior pastor the last two weeks and once more this coming sunday. We also have been singing some great advent songs. Two of my favorites are: Who Is This, So Weak and Helpless? and Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. (I provided the links there to the Indelible Grace website for you so you can read the lyrics.)

I have been also reading the daily advent devotional provided by Park Cities PCA in Dallas. You can find it here.

Finally, another really great advent resource is a book also titled, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. Here is the link to it. The book is a collection of 22 readings for advent, and includes writings from Martin Luther, John Piper, Tim Keller, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Spurgeon, John Calvin, Francis Schaeffer, and many more! And, the book is dedicated to two of my favorite people in the world, Dr. Wilson & Pam Benton, so that makes it extra special.

I hope you all have a very blessed advent season.

Come thou long-awaited Emmanuel!

Monday, December 07, 2009

my first bedlam

the biggest highlight of my parent's visit, other than thanksgiving and black friday, was attending the ou vs osu football game on november 28th, otherwise known simply as bedlam. yes, that is a link to the official wikipedia entry for bedlam. this is serious stuff. I even baked cookies for it.

the bad part about its seriousness is that tickets were not easy to come by. so far this year, bobby and I have been able to acquire tickets just prior to kickoff outside the stadium for a fraction of their face value. our first game was free (thanks josh! who doesn't read this blog...), second game we got two club level seats for $50, and the third game we got two tickets for $20. we knew this game was a big deal, but c'mon, the sooners have had a rough year, we lost our heisman winner (poor sammy!) and most of our starting line-up, the students were on break, AND osu has had a better than usual year. I'm thinking, no one's gonna go. HA!

we got there over two hours early because we wanted to beat the rush and get a good parking space, and my parents wanted to see all the tail-gaters and all the hoopla. so we did all that and then started asking around for tickets. well... fortunately there were not a shortage of sellers. the problem was that no one was willing to negotiate. everyone wanted face value for their tickets. and you KNOW my mom & I never pay full price for ANYTHING! so we waited, and asked, and waited, and asked again, walked around a lot, waited some more, asked even more. and finally, pre-game began and thought SURELY they would drop their prices now! nope. so we waited for kickoff. and STILL no luck. we just about gave up. (fortunately the weather was beautiful so we didn't mind standing outside for hours.) we started to watch the game outside the stadium on the jumbo-tron named sooner vision, of course. then we decided to make one more passing attempt. we saw a guy who actually congratulated us for sticking with it so long and not giving in to the sleezy ticket brokers. ugh, they gave me the creeps. and we finally found one guy who gave us four tickets for $150. much more than I wanted to pay, but yes, we were desperate.

the worst part of our deal was that the four tickets were not together. we had to split up into pairs. bobby and I were on the east side and my parents on the west side. but with the help of our zoom lens on our camera, we could see them.

they are standing at the top of the stairs, just above the handrail.

my parents took this picture trying to get us, but they missed us by a few sections. we were to the left of this photo. in the top section.

we thought we were being generous by giving them the good seats, but it turns out we were the ones that lucked out because we were in the sun and they were in the chilly shade. we all had wind-burned faces by the end though. it was so windy up way up there in our super high seats, I really was scared of blowing off the edge, even though we were in the middle of the section.

in fact, we were so high that I could see our neighborhood!

if you look on the horizon, in the dead center, that's where we live.

only in oklahoma...

oh, and did I mention it was windy?

this happened in about 6 or 7 pictures we took. ugh, I hate wind.

since we were at a football game, I should show at least one picture of the field and the players.

there were a lot of orange-clad folks there.

and they cheered their little cowboy hearts out.

but the sooners prevailed and won bedlam once again! in fact, they won it for the 80th time, thank you very much. and they did it convincingly with a score of 27-0.